Aisle blades – aisle violators on steroids

April 7, 2016By At Shelf: Signs blog series, Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston, part 7 of the At Shelf: Signs blog series

You thought aisle violators were space invaders? Check out aisle blades! These shelf signs have the same benefits as aisle violators but they are huge. They seem to slice right through the aisle, that’s why I call them aisle violators on steroids!

As I’ve mentioned before you have lots of choices when it comes to POS materials, signs being one of them. But choosing the most appropriate style of sign for your brand can only occur when you understand the various sign choices.

Aisle Blades Defined

Like aisle violators, aisle blades are custom printed double-sided shelf signs that mount perpendicularly to store shelves. However, aisle blades typically run the length of two or more shelves making their message space very large. Because of their size, aisle blades can give the appearance that they are part of the store-created display and not a manufacturer-provided sign. This can subtly increase your message’s Aisle Bladescredibility.

When to Use

While you can have the same message on both sides of the sign, if you do have two messages to get across, aisle blades allow you to show the product and selling points on one side with detailed product information on the other. You can also use the space of one side to present the message in English and the other side to present the message in another language.

When Not to Use

If you have a pretty succinct message, an aisle blade might be overkill for you. You might be better off with an aisle violator which is a more cost effective option.

Remember, as previously shared, it is important to work with your retail partner to understand their shelf sign guidelines or recommendations. Every retail chain is different.  Make your buyer a part of the process prior to having signs produced. It can be helpful to present them with digital renderings of different options: wobbler, wiggler, aisle violator, channel strip and flat shelf sign.