Don’t let your challenges prevent your growth

You have very specific goals for your stores, distribution centers, brand, or business. Today's retail landscape is changing faster than at any time in history, and it can be hard to keep up. 

Some companies look for off-the-shelf solutions to meet their needs, but jumping into the sea of sameness is a quick way to drown. Too many companies are refusing to innovate because they are so busy executing tactics they forget to modify their strategy. And stagnation can quickly result in failure in the retail supply chain today.

What if you could partner with a team that’s been entrenched in the retail industry for 40 years, with capabilities customized for brand manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, fixture manufacturers, and industry affiliates across all retail channels and most product industries?

Some people hear “strategic” and “custom” and worry about cost. But customization doesn’t have to break the bank. What it really means is partnering with a group that truly listens to you and tailors their resources to a solution that works for your needs, including your budget. Our retail experts have spent numerous years — and in some cases their entire careers — working across the retail supply chain, so we understand your challenges and use our holistic position in the industry to help you objectively address problems.

Think of how much quicker you could achieve your goals when you rely on Hamacher Resource Group — experts in the retail supply chain.

Customized SOLUTIONS to meet your needs


Without the right product assortment in place, customers don’t find what they are looking for, retailers lose register rings, salable SKUs stagnate in distribution centers, and brands’ profits dwindle. Let us help with your space planning and planogram needs.


Ensure your branding is consistent across product packaging, trade event exhibits and collateral, advertisements, product literature, direct marketing, your online presence, store interior and exterior, and more.


Market insights are the bedrock for many important product, marketing, and sales decisions and strategies. High-quality product images and content are critical to marketing efforts; e-commerce, social media, and other online and digital platforms; and ordering and point-of-sale systems.


Streamline the fixture set and reset process for all parties — fixture manufacturers, brands, merchandising teams, and corporate headquarters and in-store personnel — so all achieve resource and financial savings


The IN.depth family of publications are a cost-effective way for brands to reach 10,000 independent and small chain pharmacists, front-end managers, and other decision-makers with their message. EBlasts feature a single brand or brand family for a more targeted approach.

It’s worth a conversation to see if our resources are right for you. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure introductory meeting.

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