Flat shelf signs – the humble sell

March 16, 2016By At Shelf: Signs blog series, Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

By Jen Johnstonpart 5 of the At Shelf: Signs blog series

I like to think of flat shelf signs as the humblest of shelf talkers. They don’t jump out into the shopper’s personal space like aisle violators and they don’t dangle in the breeze like wobblers and wigglers. They get the job done without being overly flashy.

Flat Shelf Signs Defined

Flat shelf signs are, as their name implies, flat, one-sided shelf talkers that have room for a simple message. They are typically no more than 3” x 5”, and are fastened to the shelf with either a sticky adhesive backing, by slipping into a plastic sleeve, or by clicking in to a channel. They are generally made from a heavy cardstock but can also be made of a durable plastic material.Flat Shelf Signs The Humble Sell

When to Use

Flat shelf signs are typically a more affordable option than wigglers, aisle violators, and other types of shelf signage. They are a good choice for a simple message, such as calling attention to a new SKU or highlighting one or two main product benefits. Adhesive flat signs are generally good for independent pharmacies which tend to have varying types of shelves.

When Not to Use

If you want to make a big splash, flat shelf signs may not be the way to go. They may be more affordable, but their impact isn’t as big as a more aggressive sign option such as an aisle violator.

Remember, as previously shared, it is important to work with your retail partner to understand their shelf sign guidelines or recommendations. Every retail chain is different.  Make your buyer a part of the process prior to having signs produced. It can be helpful to present them with digital renderings of different sign options: wobbler, wiggler, aisle violator, folded shelf talker, and channel strip.

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