The front-end merchandising and pricing solution exclusively for independent and small chain pharmacies. Don’t risk the guessing game of deciding which products to carry, where to merchandise them, or how much to charge. TEMPS® does the work for you.

  • Easy-to-read, accurate planograms
  • Competitive, specific pricing guidance
  • At-shelf marketing tools
  • Personalized phone support

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TEMPS® Pricing Guides

Don't underestimate the value of a consistent pricing philosophy to communicate to your customers that your independent pharmacy offers value for the health, beauty, and wellness brands they use every day. Updated monthly, the TEMPS® Category Manager Pricing Guide does the work for you, offering a pricing structure designed to be competitive in your geographic area.

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Buyer's Assistance

Exclusively for wholesale category managers, purchasing departments, and vendor sourcing managers, Buyer's Assistance arranges the right information and recommendations at your fingertips so that you can:

  • make confident decisions about what new items to add to your assortment;
  • quickly decide what items can be deleted; and
  • be reminded to check inventory levels and deal with over- or under-stocks.

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