Expand your real estate with folded shelf talkers

April 14, 2016By At Shelf: Signs blog series, Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston, part 8 of the At Shelf: Signs blog series

There are so many shelf sign choices, a brand manager can easily become overwhelmed without a more in depth understanding of value of the different signs.

Today’s post is all about folded shelf talkers, a sign with more space than others that can really help your brand pop out at shelf.

Folded Shelf Talker Defined

Folded shelf talkers are printed flat and then folded at a 90° angle. The flap sits on top of the shelf with the message area hanging below. While they can be produced without an adhesive, I do not recommend it. Most products are not heavy enough to hold the sign in place without adhesive. Also, we hope your products will be flying off the shelves, so I recommend a sign with an adhesive backing that can stick to the shelf. Other names for folded shelf talkers are folding shelf signs and shelf stack cards.Folding Talker

When to Use

When you need a larger message area, folded shelf talkers are ideal.  For example, if you need to show “before and after” images, folded shelf talkers give you the real estate to do it. They can also be used when the shelf has no channel, making them more adaptable than other shelf signs.

When Not to Use

If room for a larger message is not necessary, it may make more sense to use a wiggler, wobbler, or aisle violator. If you need to really grab attention, action-oriented signs may be more appropriate than a folded shelf talker.

Remember, as previously shared, it is important to work with your retail partner to understand their shelf sign guidelines or recommendations. Every retail chain is different.  Make your buyer a part of the process prior to having signs produced. It can be helpful to present them with digital renderings of different options: wobbler, wiggler, aisle violator, channel strip, and flat shelf sign.


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