Set shelves more efficiently and accurately with fixture management services

Cosmetics departments and other categories with specialized fixture needs require more care and attention than most areas of the store. Keeping up with seasonal product resets and cut-ins or maintaining a professional image by having easy access to ordering replacement parts is critical to this part of your business. Cut-ins and seasonal resets may require fixture updates in addition to new products, and some brands have complete overhauls on a regular basis.

Managing fixture resets and reorder accessibility consists of many moving pieces and parties, including the brands, the fixture manufacturer, the retailer’s teams at the corporate office, and individual stores. Our experienced staff excels in project management and can coordinate all of these stakeholders to improve efficiencies throughout the process and ensure a successful multiple-location replacement and/or installation. Most importantly, our service offers a number of options that can provide savings such as our pick, pack, and ship logic, installation guides and videos, and our service to keep track of fixtures being used in each location so if they can be reused in an upcoming reset — even for a different brand — we can eliminate that cost and waste for whomever the responsible partner would be. 

Explore our FIXTURE MANAGEMENT services


We can create and manage a library of fixture images and specifications so we can build an accurate fixture planogram and include the cosmetics that are used within them just as easily.


We’ll audit in-store layouts and existing fixtures and then analyze space planning files to validate future fit.


These helpful tools can include fixture planograms with products, a line listing, product pictures, and the required fixture pieces specific to the various retailers that carry the brand.


Our efficient kitting process reduces waste, and for large rollouts or resets, it can reduce in-store set-up time by up to 40%. We’ve created tools and processes that improve the efficiency of fixture implementation from pallet assembly of the pieces and product, to the in-store execution. 


Being able to open the boxes in the order you need to build the fixtures aids the efficiency of implementation, as do our instruction guides and videos that correlate with the fixture planogram, and details through pictures and text, how to build the unit when there are complex or new parts being added.


If there is breakage or the need to reorder parts, our custom-built websites offer an online central location where stores can see fixture images to make it easy to find the correct piece. Stores will only see the information specific to their location based on their subscription to minimize mistakes and confusion. Retailers will also appreciate cost management features and the shipment tracking which will help labor scheduling.

Our detail-oriented team is proficient at handling the complexity of fixture resets leading to financial and productivity savings, as well as store-level labor savings and improvements in installation accuracy. Feel at ease that your project will be accomplished on time; contact us about your specific needs.