Simplify & Save

Gain control of fixture sets and resets when you engage HRG’s space planning and process improvement experts to simplify and streamline resources and costs along the supply chain.

Looking for efficient, consistent, and reliable space planning services? Whether you’re a brand, retailer, or fixture manufacturer — we’re a one-stop shop for your space planning needs. HRG analysts can build anywhere from a one-foot to twenty-foot or larger fixture planogram. For chains, we’ve created up to 40 different planograms per brand to meet the needs of each location. Likewise, for brands, we create planograms for each of your retail partners to ensure consistency across outlets and channels.

Fixture Component Analysis

Ensure a successful implementation when you rely on HRG’s retail expertise combined with our knowledge of space planning software to establish reliable business rules. Using planogram files provided by a retailer or a brand, our expert analysts extract the dimensions and number of trays, graphics, holders, clips, and space savers used in a new configuration. We also validate that everything the brand expects to fit on a wall or display will indeed fit, a must for efficient and effective at-shelf execution.

Digital Renderings

Simplify and accelerate the installation process with this dynamic merchandising tool. This animated depiction of product placement on shelves is easy to comprehend so your vision will come to life at shelf without error. 

Streamline fixture sets and resets with HRG’s proven tools and technology to help save costs, maximize sustainability, and minimize downtime and missed sales. There’s also HRG’s strong project management, coordinating with all stakeholders so resets run smoothly from the beginning to the end – in-store implementation.

Custom Reorder Website

Avoid costly mistakes with robust Custom Reorder Websites — a central location to reorder all parts, including images for ease of use. Parts are stored for reference, so everyone across the supply chain can save money and move closer to sustainability goals by repurposing pieces already on hand.

Training Tools

Ensure a smooth and efficient fixture reset with the right training materials. Store associates or merchandising crews have a variety of learning styles, so offering a mix of videos, installation manuals, and one-sheets can speed at-shelf execution.


Fixture Reorder Calculator

Determine the savings your company could enjoy with more streamlined fixture reset processes.

Animated Renders

Ease and speed the execution of fixture sets and resets with this dynamic merchandising tool.

Fixture Reorder Assessment Tool

Uncover areas where your process could benefit from modifications with this assessment tool.

happy customers

Jen Olson - former Vice President Sales Revolution Beauty

"We have been thrilled to make the leap to using HRG as our space planning partner. Their expertise, attention to detail, and partnership have made our ability to finalize our space plans and determine our fixture needs seamless. The HRG team has adapted to changes and helped build new processes from scratch to improve deliverables to our retail partners."

Jeff Kildow - Business Development PM Plastics

"We're very pleased with everything Hamacher delivered, as is our retailer client. It was a collaborative relationship and I'm impressed by all that was accomplished. HRG's flexibility and willingness to stretch their abilities to meet our needs and the needs of our client was instrumental in the overall success of this project. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again."

Fixture Procurement Manager Nationwide Chain Retailer

"I would absolutely give you a GREAT referral!!!! There is no question in my mind how valuable an organization like your company is with fixtures, planograms, reorders and mapping of effective processes. Your proven history and work ethic speak for themselves."

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