Streamline the fixture set and reset process to achieve savings

Managing fixture resets and reorder accessibility consists of many moving pieces and parties, including the brands, the fixture manufacturer, the retailer’s teams at the corporate office, and individual stores. Fixture challenges can range from duplicate pieces and parts being shipped to stores, to inefficiencies in implementation which extend losses when products aren’t available for purchase. HRG collaborates with you to determine the solutions that will streamline the fixture set and reset processes and minimize costs. Our detail-oriented team is proficient at handling the complexity of fixture resets to help all stakeholders realize financial goals and productivity savings.​

  • Communication and process improvements for brands, retailers, and fixture manufacturers​   
  • Proven procedures, including quality control steps to ensure accuracy
  • In-house team of expert analysts, led by certified project managers ​
  • Knowledge and skills can be applied to multiple industries and channels   

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Save Time and Money
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Our detail-oriented team is proficient at handling the complexity of fixture resets leading to financial and productivity savings, as well as store-level labor savings and improvements in installation accuracy. Feel at ease that your project will be accomplished on time; contact us about your specific needs. Our blog series, Focus on Fixtures, will offer further insights into our fixture coordination and  management services. You can also download our brochure for an overview of our fixture services to share with your team, or download our Custom Reorder Website demonstration video.

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