Get Out Your Wiggle(r)s

February 25, 2016By At Shelf: Signs blog series, Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston, part 3 of the At Shelf: Signs blog series

I’m often telling my three- and one-year-old boys to “get out their wiggles” before a long car ride or bedtime. Today I’m here to tell you when it is appropriate for you to “get out your wigglers” or more appropriately when to use wigglers on shelf!

As described in my previous post, you have many options when it comes to marketing your product at the retail shelf, including shelf signs. However there are many, many different styles, and each serves a similar but slightly different purpose.

Wigglers Defined

These shelf signs with a funny name are also known as danglers. Unlike shelf wobblers which arc, these signs hang straight down. They can be taped to the top of the shelf or clipped into the channel. (See picture.)

When to Use

Wigglers can be used when you want some movement to your sign but not as much as a wobbler. A more traditional brand may opt to go with a wiggler over a wobbler because it is attention-grabbing while providing more of an image of “stability.” Also, some retailers prefer wigglers to wobblers and it is important to understand their shelf sign guidelines before having anything produced. Like wobblers, these are best used at waist level or higher.

When Not to Use

Do not use if your product is merchandised waist level or below. If that is the case, you might want to check out an aisle violator or flat shelf sign. These are also not a great choice if your product is shelved above a narrow shelf or a tall product which would cause the sign to obscure another product this is usually not favorable to the retailer.

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