A rich history in the retail industry

In 1980, an entrepreneurial pharmacist named David P. Hamacher discovered the answer to how drugstores should merchandise health and beauty aids. His department-by-department program was the birth of drugstore category management as we know it today. Dave Hamacher founded and grew D.P. Hamacher & Associates for the next 20 years.

Built on reputation, driven by innovation

Dave Hamacher retired in 2000 and sold the company to a software solutions firm. Sensing a drift from their core mission, Dave’s original management team, led by Dawn Vogelsang, purchased the company in 2001 and named it Hamacher Resource Group to represent the growing spectrum of resources available under one roof. Today we remain much as we always have been: collaborative, passionate, resourceful, and thorough — and always in constant pursuit of the next big idea to reinvent retail consumer healthcare.

Growing to serve the entire retail supply chain 

In our nearly 40 years, we’ve gone from being the “planogram company” for independent pharmacies to serving all of the players in the retail supply chain — retailers, brand manufacturers, distributors, fixture manufacturers, technology companies, and affiliates — across many industries including health, beauty, and wellness; food and beverage; beer, wine, and spirits; home improvement; general merchandise; natural products; and more. Our channel reach includes anywhere goods are sold.

We look forward to our ongoing evolution and how we can continue to meet your ever-changing needs.