Make an impact with at-shelf POS materials

February 16, 2016By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston

Previously I introduced you to the three general categories of POS materials – that is, the promotional items you can use in-store to influence purchases. Effective at-shelf materials can greatly influence what product a shopper picks up.

There are many options for promoting your brand at the shelf. Besides making sure your packaging is spot on, here are a few  tools to consider:

  • Shelf signs Shelfsigns-300
  • Coupon dispensers
  • Shelf headers
  • In-line displays
  • Electronic media

Of the three categories of POS materials, the shopper is most likely to interact with those that are positioned at the shelf because they are a more captive audience as they purposefully browse the aisle, usually looking for a product to fulfill a specific need.

Getting your at-shelf POS materials right means that product could be your brand!

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