Make Data Work for You with HRG’s proven image and content management processes and expert analysis. Fuel decisions with market insight intelligence to build successful sales, marketing, and product development strategies. Protect brand integrity with reliable product information management for print and digital needs.

Brand integrity and overall data administration is made easier with wide-ranging product information management (PIM) services steered by HRG’s retail experts and analysts. Protect your revenue streams and ensure all departments have access to reliable, consistent information for all uses — including digital, print, and within other systems.

Images and Content

Ensuring your brand is always well represented in-store, online, and in promotions and media is why you trust your brand with seasoned professionals like the team of specialists at HRG who know how to capture high-quality product images and accurate, current content.

Need to populate your e-commerce site with HBW product images? Retailers and wholesale distributors rely on ImageBaseTM, HRG’s proprietary database of HBW and home healthcare 2D and multiple-perspective product images and package content. Contact us for access.

Data Normalization

Normalizing disparate data — from numerous sources, in various formats, with different codifications keywords, or nomenclature — can be challenging, time consuming, and maybe not the best use of your time. HRG uses tried and tested processes to bring data together and normalize it to simplify use and/or analysis — which we can also perform.

Standards and Attributing

Whether it’s accurately codifying data for industry standards organizations or retail benefit administration programs; standardizing internal or external product nomenclature; or defining the attributes to collect, target, or utilize in e-commerce applications; HRG is highly-skilled at organizing and analyzing massive amounts of data to meet your needs.

Setting your retail strategies using performance and market data will give you greater confidence that you’re on the right path to reach your goals.

Category and Subcategory Information

Find opportunities for growth or SKU rationalization within independent pharmacy with HRG’s proprietary PAC™ data — a view of health, beauty, and wellness item performance. Interested in a different channel? Provide your data and/or we can attain syndicated data to get the market intel you need.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Get an accurate picture of product movement from distribution to retail shelves with HRG’s proprietary PAC data. HRG retail experts will collaborate with you to determine the action steps necessary to accelerate growth and prepare for the always-changing retail market. If you are an customer, ask us about Benchmark Performance Analysis — a review of national and store-specific data provided in a twice-a-year report to help you increase front-end profits.

Custom Analysis and Pricing

Trust strategic pricing for your entire product portfolio from HRG experts who base their recommendations on market research and retail knowledge.

The survey says...

HRG conducted a 2022 survey to understand manufacturers’ challenges with PIM/DAM (data asset management) and learned that…

Data and/or images were rejected 23% of the time, with a minimum 2-week turnaround to rectify.

To eliminate those rejections, lost time, and money….


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