Avoid costly mistakes with custom reorder websites

Making the fixture reset process easier in store is mission critical to minimize lost sales. When stores need to reset a fixture-heavy department, keeping track of which new fixture pieces need to be ordered from which vendors, can cause confusion, and that’s just the beginning. Depending on current processes in use, retail headquarters can have ongoing difficulty managing costs and inventory and ensuring updates are being correctly implemented.

HRG has solved that problem for our brand and retailer clients in the form of robust custom reorder websites. A custom reorder website is a central location to reorder all parts which can include images of the pieces to minimize mistakes. When prior pieces used are stored in a database that can be accessed behind the scenes, everyone across the supply chain may be able to save money by reusing pieces that can be repurposed in a new reset for the same or another brand.

The website can also be built so stores can see location-specific information based on their subscription so only pieces needed for their particular sized department are available for order. When multiple fixture manufacturers are used, we separate the order according to which vendor will fulfill the part and the manufacturer sends shipment tracking details which we can populate on the website for easy order management.

The websites operate like an e-commerce site without the payment processing piece. Users can order parts, double check what is in their cart, and “check out.” We can work with almost any system and data file exchange format including API, EDI, or custom methods.

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