Go ahead, violate the aisle

March 22, 2016By At Shelf: Signs blog series, Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

By Jen Johnston, part 6 of the At Shelf: Signs blog series

Aisle violator. I really don’t like the name of this shelf sign. The word “violate” has such a negative connotation to it, doesn’t it? But don’t let that put you off, aisle violators are a great “in your face” approach to sharing your brand message.

In a previous post, I shared the many ways you can market your product at point of sale, including shelf signs. But as I shared, the phrase “shelf signs” represents a large array of styles that are used for different purposes. Today we will take a closer look at aisle violators.

Aisle Violator Defined

Aisle violators are signs positioned perpendicular to the shelf. They command attention and consumers read them as they are strolling down the aisle. Aisle violators are also known as aisle invaders, aisle breakers, shelf flags, and aisle interrupters.Aisle Violator

When to Use

When you want to make a BIG impact, aisle violators are a good option because you can achieve more viewings of the message. These two sided signs can be seen regardless of which way the shopper is coming down the aisle. Another advantage of the double sided message is when you have two messages to share or want to present the same message in two languages.

When Not to Use

Unless you have your aisle violators produced with sticky tape, this type of sign will not work if the retailer does not have a channel-based shelving system.

Remember, as previously shared, it is important to work with your retail partner to understand their shelf sign guidelines or recommendations. Every retail chain is different.  Make your buyer a part of the process prior to having signs produced. It can be helpful to present them with digital renderings of different options: wobbler, wiggler, channel strip, and flat shelf sign.

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