Data-empowered decision-making in the retail industry

June 7, 2021By Behind the Shelf Blog

by Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations Over the past 15+ months, new applications of analytics across the retail supply chain have been broadly implemented. From merchandising planning to retail pricing elasticity, demand recommendations to shopper personalization, analytics has taken a higher priority within many organizations. The worldwide health crisis put more emphasis on the … Read More

A brand’s e-commerce strategy should start with taxonomy

October 29, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog

By Julie Bonnell, vice president operations In the world of e-commerce and product attributes, proper classification is paramount. Taxonomy is truly unique in that it’s not only about the products themselves, but about the vision a brand manufacturer has for its business and how that shapes the relationship with customers. For me, this quickly brings … Read More

2019 new items by category

June 30, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog

Did you know 70-90% of new CPG products fail*? What are the factors that contribute to a new item’s success? There could be a number of them related to trends, category, and timing, to name a few. For our June 2020 ROI e-newsletter for manufacturers, we spotlighted the timing of new product releases in 2019 compared … Read More

Back to the future of retail

June 24, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog, Industry Intuition

by Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations According to an April survey from shopping rewards app Shopkick, CPG brands should be optimistic about the re-emergence of shoppers on the retail scene. Once stores reopen, 58% of respondents say they will shop as frequently as before the pandemic, while only 36% say they will shop less … Read More

Repositioned 2019 New Items

April 30, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog

We recently completed our annual review of new items introduced in 2019 to choose the top 50 products with greatest potential for longevity for Drug Store News. Fifty-two percent of the items selected were repositioned — items on the market previously that were rebranded, reformulated, or packaged differently, as well as new launches of products that have extended features of existing items … Read More

Independent pharmacies and coronavirus ­– accolades and advice

March 31, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Resources focused on Independent Pharmacy

By Jen Johnston, CHHC, senior marketing services account manager I want to kick-off this post with a wholehearted THANK YOU! At HRG, we recognize that independent pharmacies are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. You and your staff are part of an incredible network of healthcare heroes keeping communities safe and healthy during these … Read More