HRG Anniversary Celebration & Growth Summit — One Guest’s Recap, part 1

January 14, 2022By Behind the Shelf Blog

Many memories were shared, and relationships established or strengthened during September’s HRG Anniversary Celebration and Growth Summit. One guest, Jeff Guillebeau of International Paper, summarized his experience, writing, “Top 41 Reasons HRG’s Anniversary Growth Conference Was Awesome!” With his permission, we are sharing it here.

41. I’m in love with the people of Wisconsin, especially after the “All American” display at the Ryder Cup (Whistling Straits). U S A!! U S A!!
40. Perfect weather you dialed up, HRG! Didn’t realize HRG is in the Garden of Eden (albeit for a few short months yearly). What did Jerry Jendusa say? “Bad things can be the best things.”
39. Attendee Goodie Bag (especially Wild Morel & Leek Jack Cheese plus Usinger’s Beef Hickory Sticks!)
38. Got to meet the Mayor of Pewaukee and his bride. Love how Mrs. Mayor took to the Scavenger Hunt!
37. The sprawling Ingleside Hotel (Nice place and good to get your steps in!).
36. Loved the Ingleside’s Code of Conduct.
35. Learned a new word, thanks to Dave Wendland: Vociferous. I think that was the word?! #Growing! #Rising!
34. The Signature Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned, dating back to 1893 and the Chicago’s World Fair. #DevilintheWhiteCity
33. Cocktail Party and Tour at HRG Headquarters!
32. Sunset on Pewaukee Lake! (Dinner Tuesday evening with Dave!)
31. Learning the Proper Pronunciation of “Waukesha.”
30. Les Paul Museum! Who knew the inventor of the Electric Guitar hailed from Waukesha.
29. Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the elegant Waukesha Courthouse (1893).
28. Musical Theme for Growth Summit.
27. Improvisation: Harmonizing Workshop Led by Dave Wendland and Julie Bonnell — Break out exercise with post it notes! Old School! Segment options: Relieved By; Inspired By; Frustrated By; and Frightened By.
26. Topics in Harmonizing Workshop: Tempo (pace of business); Duets (partnerships); Jam (supply chain); Ensemble (workforce team); Scale (growth engine); and Crescendo (omni-channel)
25. New Glarus Brewing Co.’s Spotted Cow…The Coors Light of Wisconsin. Can’t say enough!
24. My inability to avoid buying a 12-pack of Spotted Cow at MKE for a mere $28.00. Glad to know you can carry beer on a plane now if disguised in an opaque, black plastic grocery bag!
23. Keynote: “Getting In Tune.” Presented by Jerry Jendusa of Stuck LLC. Great presentation!
22. Free Book: Get Unstuck. Strategies, Tools and Courage to Move Your Business to the Next Level, by Jerry M. Jendusa (And, signed by the author!)
21. Jerry’s 7 Principles for Growth (from Keynote): Hope; Vulnerability; Create The Plan; Relentlessly Execute; Reflect; Off Script (review flexibility and go off script); Celebrate Success (define it so you can go off and celebrate it).

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