Special Delivery

December 20, 2022By Behind the Shelf Blog, Buyer Presentations blog series

by Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations As retailers across all industries settle into a post-COVID world, the idea of home delivery or curbside pickup has never been more important. In fact, according to an annual consumer survey by store lifecycle management company Tango conducted earlier this year, 94% of shoppers enjoy having the ability … Read More

B2C marketing — part one

June 8, 2016By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Buyer Presentations blog series

by Steve Choate for the Buyer Presentation blog series One important element of your buyer presentation is your business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing plan. Your demonstration of a well-thought-out, strategic plan to build demand and draw in customers will let buyers know that you have done your research and are dedicating resources to drive consumers into their stores. As … Read More