Rely on a long-time, trusted ally to independent pharmacies

If you’ve been in the pharmacy business a while, you know our roots as the “chain headquarters” for independent pharmacies, providing merchandising and pricing solutions through our TEMPS® Category Manager program and services delivered through regional and national wholesalers since 1980.

Today, our resources serve multiple industries and channels, but our commitment to independent pharmacies remains strong. We continue to provide objective solutions to help independents maximize profitability in their front-of-store with merchandising tools such as planograms, category insights, new item information, zone pricing, and signage to assist with in-store promotions. You’ll see us at the NCPA Annual Convention and many of the wholesaler shows throughout the year as well as our insights and articles in industry-leading publications and websites.

We also provide product manufacturers with a way to reach you with their brand message to educate and inspire you to take action in the form of our IN.depth monthly publication.

Savvy independent pharmacies are taking advantage of all the free tools and content we offer stores.



We lighten the burden of the detailed oversight necessary to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Our service includes multiple components including data storage, item lookup and pedigree tracking, and real-time notification and alerts if there are issues to address.


Our team of independent pharmacy specialists will observe your store and provide easy-to-implement steps to increase traffic, grow sales, and excel above your competition.


Power your website with images and content from our robust health, beauty, and wellness library.


Retailers rely on the recommendations of our pricing experts to help them remain competitively priced and portray a professional image.


Don’t risk guessing which products to carry, where to merchandise them, or what price to charge. Our monthly TEMPS program guides you through these important decisions so you can remain as profitable as possible.


You may need planograms that feature local products, condition-based merchandising, or unique store layouts or assortments. If you’re short on space in the front-end, ask about our ShelfPics solution — a customer-friendly display alternative.

Tools, content, and resources for independent pharmacies 

HRG Profit Variable Calculator: The front-end provides a 38% gross margin, while the total store average gross margin is only 23%. This calculator can help you gauge where combined efforts can boost your front-of-store sales and impact your profitability.

Focus on the Pharmacy Front End blog: This blog series has a wealth of tips, insights, and actions you can take to help you not only make the most of your front-end but offers management, customer service, and other business building information as well.

Step Into Natural: A blog series to highlight the changing natural products landscape and encourage you to make room for natural products if your customer base is interested in these options.

IN.depth: A monthly publication for independent pharmacists with business tips and category information as well as ads from brands that value independent pharmacies. IN.depth Product Sampler issues are distributed a few times a year, providing you the opportunity to request samples to evaluate yourself or give your patients to try.

Other resources: Infographics, 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series and many others, research reports, monthly retailer category tips, articles, and so much more!

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