Outsource your planogram needs to space management experts

A good planogram is the bedrock of in-store success and is a critical part of the toolbox for retailers, brand manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. You need planograms that are realistic, efficient, and effective.

Some businesses go out to freelance platforms and hire designers who will work for pennies on the dollar. That may give you a picture of products on shelf, but unfortunately most freelancers do not understand retail, don’t rely on data, and aren’t familiar with the category and its particular nuances, resulting in unrealistic planograms that don’t execute well at shelf.

Other businesses hire new team members, but the cost of training and maintaining new employees can be cumbersome.

When you partner with us to develop custom planograms, you get the benefits of our over 40 years of experience creating retail planograms that are based off of objectively-analyzed data.

Brands often ask us to develop planograms with a sound rationale to support their retailer-specific pitches. Visual placement among competitors shows exactly how a brand fits into a particular retailer’s mix and gives buyers the realistic vision that can best inform their stocking decision.

Once a brand has achieved placement, we can partner with them to develop the planograms their retailer customers need. Each retailer typically has their own specific requirements, and we have worked across many channels and industries, including home improvement, beer, wine, and spirits, general merchandise, and health, beauty, and wellness. We’ll work with a brand’s core space planning team to create planograms as an extension of the company, or create the placement strategy from start to finish.

We are happy to work with chain and independent retailers directly as well to provide high-impact planograms and schematics on a long-term or project basis. If you need product photography or data to support your planograms, we can explore using our state of the art photo studio and data analysis team to meet your needs. We’ve also worked as an official space planning vendor, providing planogram services to our client’s suppliers as needed.

We can build anywhere from a one-foot to twenty-foot or larger fixture planogram and can accept them in any format for conversion. We’ll provide details to help those implementing the fixtures down to each shelf, fixture number, clips, graphics, and even the notches where the components are hung. For chains, we’ve created up to 40 different planograms per brand to meet the needs of each location. For brands we create planograms for each of their retail partners so they can ensure consistency across outlets and channels.

Put our proven category management resources to work for you. Get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of our category analysts.