Drive retail pricing strategies with solid data

You need accurate, up-to-date pricing data for health, beauty, and wellness products if you are a:

  • Wholesaler who wants to portray a professional image to the retailers you serve
  • Retailer who wants to remain competitive with other stores in your area
  • POS Vendor who needs to populate your system
  • Brand Manufacturer who wants to determine a fair MSRP range based on your product’s position in the category, retail buyers’ expectations, and the image you want to build

Just guessing can cause you to leave money on the table. There are so many things to consider: regional pricing differences, pricing parity, line or family pricing, product positioning (value vs. premium), and channel variations.

If you’re not a pricing expert, formulating your pricing strategy can be daunting, not to mention the uncertainty of whether your final price will satisfy consumers and your bottom line. We have a team of pricing experts that have been developing pricing strategies for our customers for decades. Let our proven processes and expertise help you define your pricing to meet all of your business goals.

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