by Tom Boyer, director of national accounts, for the Resolutions for Independent Pharmacies blog series

The new year is right around the corner so it’s a good time to think about resolutions you can make not only for yourself, but also for your store. Here are a few ideas for store resolutions.

  1. Get your staff more engaged. Whether it’s offering more training, or asking them to take on additional responsibilities, it’s always a good idea to think of new ways to involve your staff in store activities so they have a more vested interest in the pharmacy’s success. Do you have a staff member interested in running your store’s social media? One or two associates that you can make category captains? Consider offering incentives to encourage staff to take on these tasks. Creating some excitement around such tasks can improve attitudes and employees
  2. Draw more traffic into your store. Strive for a variety of ways to draw more foot traffic. Try offering free coffee or sampling events where you provide samples of sugar-free candy and other food items you sell, such as nutrition bars. You might also try monthly drawings of free products – a mix of gifts and health and wellness items. Getting more involved in community activities can also put you in touch with new possible customers that you can invite to your store.
  3. Refresh your interior. Maybe it’s time for fresh paint on the walls, updated lighting, or new flooring. If you don’t have the budget to address one of these areas that could be a larger undertaking, there are small but impactful updates you can make. Perhaps your shelves could use a thorough cleaning or displays could be better organized. Think of ways to make your front end clean and shoppable with no clutter.

Take some time to think about improvements you can make in your store in the new year. If you come up with several, prioritize by what will have the greatest, most positive impact. With a little imagination and effort, you will begin to see results pay off sooner than you might think!