New category? Debut at independents first.

November 25, 2013By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Megan Moyer

Independent pharmacy is a unique retail channel that, outside of being a drug store, defies classification. Each independent is different. There is no global floor plan, product assortment, pricing model or marketing plan. Independent pharmacies have a flexibility that corporate stores don’t. That’s why they are a great trial ground for new products and especially new categories.

Our category and industry experts get together every month to review new HBW products entering the market. They evaluate a number of factors to weigh whether they believe the item will be successful in independent pharmacies. They also work with our marketing team to assess the viability of a new category trying to enter the HBW HBW products entering the market

More exciting than a new item is when a whole new category forms. How interesting to see products develop and enter the market to make consumers’ lives better and easier in a way that’s never been done before. What better place to debut them than at an independent pharmacy where customer service is king and the friendly, personable staff can walk early adopters through the features and benefits of new offerings.

Of course the new category needs to be aimed at independents’ primary demographic for it to work. And not all indies will be able to accommodate a new category, but those progressive stores that can and are willing are the types of stores where it would have the most success anyway.

Take the leap with independents and apply what you learn to the mass, chain drug store, grocery, and dollar channels. You’ll be in a better position to make your case for inclusion on those already packed shelves, and will have more knowledge about your target market too.

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