Lay the Groundwork for Retail Success with At-Counter POS Materials

May 9, 2016By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston

In this previous post, I talked about the importance of dedicating some of your marketing dollars to POS materials and introduced the three general categories into which these materials fall. Placing your POS materials at the actual point of sale is your brand’s last chance to influence a consumer before they leave the store. Whether at the pharmacy or in the front-end, opportunities for promoting your brand at or near the counter abound.

Here are a few of the opportunities brands can take advantage of at retail. Bear in mind this is speaking in general terms, and not all retailers will support all of these options, nor am I suggesting your brand do them all. My intention is to educate you on your options and then at the end of this series, help you tie all of your POS materials together effectively.

  • Waiting area TV ads
  • Counter mat
  • Prescription bag ads
  • Shopping bags
  • Counter display (retail)
  • Counter display (trial)
  • Register coupons
  • Coupon tear pads
  • Rebates

Materials present at a pharmacy counter, as opposed to a front-end counter, also have the advantage of being paired with a knowledgeable pharmacist. Particularly within independent pharmacies when the pharmacist is usually the owner and has a stronger interest in moving front-end products, educating these influencers should be done in conjunction with deploying at-counter materials for biggest impact. More on influencing the influencers in a future post.



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