How to Make the Most of End Cap Displays

July 23, 2014By Articles, Independent Pharmacy


Written by and published in Elements magazine, July 16, 2014

End caps are the second most-shopped areas in a store, and can be areas of unrealized sales potential for independent community pharmacies. Take your pharmacy’s end caps to the next level by following these tips from Hamacher Resource Group, an expert in retail category management, market research and marketing services.

Pick your theme
“Heart Health Month” for February, “Summer Skin Protection” for summer (sunscreen, lip balms, bug sprays, first aid) or “New Items” are just a few options.

Less is more
Select fewer products and stock them deeper with at least four facings.

Grab attention
Use visual design concepts, such as price point or informational signs, to attract customers’ attention.

Offer a tester
Allow customers to sample certain products, such as hand lotions or wrapped cough drops, to drive impulse purchases.

Refresh often
An end cap is promotional and should be refreshed at least once per month.

Group like products
For the biggest merchandising effect, run one product or like products across a full shelf. The more shelves you use for like product types, the greater the effect.

Position shelves
Eliminate excess air space between the top of the product and the shelf above to give a well-stocked look.

Spread the word
Talk to your customers about items on end caps and train your sales staff to suggest products or endorse ones they’ve tried and liked.