Hamacher Resource Group’s Upcoming Presentations Aim to Help Retailers and CPG Manufacturers Achieve Growth

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in Manufacturers, Marketing, News, Retail

Waukesha, Wisconsin – August 16, 2017 – Dave Wendland, vice president, strategic relations, and member of the owners group for Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG), will speak at the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) Fall Pharmacy Conference, Saturday, August 26th at 8:15 am, and ECRM’s Health Care EPPS, Monday, September 11th at 5:30 pm. At ACA’s […]

High-quality images are a must!

From the desk of Julie Massey, visual assets manager The reality of the omnichannel marketplace is that you have to be more diligent than ever to make sure your product images are of the highest quality everywhere they appear in order to protect the integrity of your brand. And because there are multiple places product photos […]

Are you pro private label?

By Jamie Sershon What is your perception of private label or store brands? Do you think of them as lower quality? Or do you consider them the same quality as their national brand counterpart with a lower price tag? The stigma private label products have carried of being lower quality is becoming a thought of […]

Enthusiasm won’t compensate for inefficient processes

by Dave Wendland A product launch is a journey, and yes, it can be a long and tumultuous one. Unfortunately we don’t all have the cult-like following of Apple® as they introduce a new iPhone®. They have the ability to produce a frenzy, expand storefronts, and move users perhaps as well, if not better, than […]

What makes an Rx-to-OTC switch successful?

by Colleen Volheim When you hear of an Rx-to-OTC switch on the horizon, your initial thought may be of it sparking additional category sales and profits for retailers. For many Rx-to-OTC switches this is true, however in some cases, these launches do not pack the retail sales punch manufacturers, retailers, and consumers expect. 

Iteration versus true innovation

by Dave Wendland One of my all-time favorite innovators was my father who never stopped dreaming and scheming until he passed four years ago. His philosophy and mantra was simple, “I have ideas I haven’t even thought of yet!” In this post I’m drawing distinction between iteration and breakthrough innovation. I won’t tell you that […]

My favorite new item assessment question

by Dave Wendland Countless times I’ve sat across the table from enthusiastic manufacturers eager to jump into the market with their latest whiz-bang product. I’ve listened politely as they described how the product was conceived and the rigors they have endured to find a production partner, design an initial prototype package concept, and plow through […]

Tips for buyer meetings

by Steve Choate for the Buyer Presentation blog series Your buyer meetings can be your first impression with a retailer. Make sure you start out strong. Here are some tips on how to get off on the right foot.

In tune with your audience

by Steve Choate for the Buyer Presentation blog series When you’re meeting with buyers at ECRM events, it’s not only about the content or the product, it’s also about effectively presenting. You have to be able to read the person or persons you are presenting to. You might have the right information in a dynamically-designed PowerPoint®, […]

Strategic Relationship Between Hamacher Resource Group and NovaGenesis Results in New Package Design and New Product Launches at Retail

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Waukesha, Wisconsin – August 10, 2016 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc.’s (HRG) client, NovaGenesis, LLC, recently launched their Recovery Skin Relief™ portfolio, the culmination of a working relationship with HRG that started a year ago with a Collaborative Strategy Session. Based on what was learned and discussed during the Session, HRG created and provided a roadmap […]