Destination: destiny

September 11, 2013By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Dave Wendland

Ever heard of or been to Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota? Chances are you have. Visitors from around the country — and beyond — have traversed the largely unpopulated South Dakota plains to reach this unique point of interest. As expressed by the numerous photos adorning the hallways of the store, people from around the world have taken evidence of their Wall Drug visits to places like the Great Wall of China, Afghanistan, New Zealand, NASA space missions, and more, just to show they’ve been there.Wall Drug

What makes this site such a phenomenon is not necessarily its pharmacy, but rather the eclectic items that Wall Drug has on display to please virtually every shopper. From South Dakota memorabilia to homemade ice cream, hunting supplies to jewelry, saddlery to stitchery — there’s truly something for everyone. Amassing more than five square blocks, Wall Drug is anything but discreet. With signs announcing its impending appearance 380 miles to the east and west, Wall Drug cannot be overlooked.

What does it take to create such a destination and invite passersby to visit? Aura! I believe the mystique of Wall Drug could be replicated on a much less grandiose scale in virtually any setting. It begins with branding. That’s followed by the creation of a shopping experience like no other. Topped off with word-of-mouth reviews crisscrossing the neighborhood, city, state, country, or the entire globe.

So – what is your store destined to become?

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