Say What?

June 17, 2014By Brand Marketing, Views

by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News UpMarketing blog Some suggest that the art of effective communication has been lost forever. We are living in a world of instantaneous, rapid-fire communication. I fear that our desire to respond rather than reflect has resulted in a society that spends more time trying to clarify rather than … Read More


June 1, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland, as seen in Healthcare Distributor magazine, Out of the Box column December/January 2014 Too much, too little, too late. That’s what I’ve heard for years within the consumer healthcare industry. If you have too little inventory you risk lost sales. If you have too much inventory, you’ll need more of everything — more space, more transportation, … Read More

Product Packaging Involves More Than Meets the Eye

May 5, 2014By Brand Marketing, Views

by Dave Wendland for Chain Drug Review April 18, 2014 In a multipart series during 2014 our team will examine key product attributes and marketing tactics from two different perspectives — the consumer/shopper and the retail buyer. Our hope is that retail and wholesale buyers and product manufacturers will benefit from an objective picture of … Read More

What Are You Doing?

April 28, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News UpMarketing Blog April 21, 2014- Harkening back to managing an improvisational comedy troupe in San Diego and prior to that participating with a Milwaukee-based group, one of my favorite improv games was “What are you doing?” In this shtick, two performers stand together on stage. One begins performing a … Read More

Back to the future

March 29, 2014By Future of Retail, Views

by Dave Wendland, as seen in Healthcare Distributor magazine, Out of the Box column October/November 2013 While at a recent industry event, I found myself becoming rather sentimental and quite reflective. As a result, I decided to sift back through the editorials I have written over the years for E.L.F. Publications. I can’t believe my … Read More

2014 Diabetes Roundtable from Drug Store News

March 28, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

March 2014 – In December 2013, the Drug Store News Group hosted an exclusive roundtable discussion of leading pharmacy retailers and a select group of key vendors. Moderated by special guest Dave Wendland of Hamacher Resource Group, the panel tackled a wide range of issues, including implementation of the Affordable Care Act and how it will impact the practice … Read More

Turning Heads

March 20, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News March 20, 2014 – Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of NBC’s “The Voice.” It’s not because of the variety of talent that graces the stage and tries to wow the judges and the general public, but rather because of the blind auditions. For those unfamiliar with this … Read More

Out in the Cold

February 6, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News February 6, 2014 – For those of us living in the Midwest — and perhaps throughout the country — we have become familiar with a weather term “polar vortex.” No doubt you’ve heard the phrase pinging around the news media in recent weeks. One of the coldest Arctic outbreaks … Read More

The 5 Ps of Picking New Products

February 4, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Jenny Kosek for Grocery Headquarters 2014 Nonfoods Handbook February 4, 2014 — The battle for shelf space is raging on and for grocers with limited room in their general merchandise and health and beauty care departments, deciding which new products to bring in, which items stay and which should be replaced is growing increasingly difficult … Read More

Gold Medal Performance

December 31, 2013By Industry Intuition, Views

By Dave Wendland for HealthCare Distributor December 2012/January 2013 — Many of us marveled over the summer months at the incredible talent and skill of the remarkable Olympians representing their respective countries with pride. As I watched their unflappable grace when facing incredible competition, perseverance as they were met with obstacles and challenges, and the … Read More