Resolution: Create materials for consumer education

October 16, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Resolutions

By Megan Moyer, senior marketing communications specialist I recently visited an independent pharmacy that had an impressive area with consumer education materials. There were two literature racks containing numerous single information sheets on natural products. There were also holders adhered to the wall that contained pamphlets addressing various conditions. Both were well situated in the waiting … Read More

Resolution: Invest in my team

September 17, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Resolutions

By Beth Maas, human resource manager People make your business. Would you agree? It’s you and your staff that bring people back to your store, not the products on the shelves. A good shopping experience has a lot to do with how the customer feels after leaving your store, and how they feel is largely … Read More

Resolution: Evaluate my product positioning

August 8, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Resolutions

By Megan Moyer, senior marketing communications specialist, for the Resolutions blog series When was the last time you considered your product’s positioning? If sales are going well and your market share is growing, you probably haven’t felt the need to scrutinize how your brand is positioned against competitors, however, that’s exactly when you should make the time … Read More

Resolution: Study my brand competition

July 27, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Resolutions

  by Jen Johnston, CHHC, senior marketing services account manager, for the Resolutions blog series  When was the last time you took a good, thorough look at competitors to your health, beauty, or wellness (HBW) brand? Perhaps you did a SWOT analysis when you first launched, however new competitors come into the market every year. Furthermore, old competitors … Read More

Resolution: Look at my brand as if for the first time

April 16, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Resolutions

by Dave Wendland, vice president, strategic relations, for the Resolutions blog series Before joining HRG I was running a small marketing consultancy in San Diego focused on software start-ups and their go-to-market strategies. Not surprisingly, the founders of many of these companies were very proud of their accomplishment and felt strongly that others would simply see it through similar … Read More

Resolution: Understand consumers’ paths to purchase

December 11, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, Data Analysis and Management, Resolutions

By Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations, for the Resolutions blog series It should be no secret that each shopper’s path to purchase is unique. Their reason for purchase, timing, and chosen outlet are likely different, yet when reviewing sales numbers, many companies make the mistake of homogenizing the data and making unsubstantiated assumptions. As long as … Read More

Resolution: Plan for and embrace change

November 22, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, Future of Retail, Resolutions

By Brittany Benson, lean project and research specialist, for the Resolutions blog series It’s hard to find industry articles that don’t talk about how retail is changing or needs to change. I read Seth Mendelson’s recent Editor’s note about his journey (he’s Drug Store News’ new associate publisher/editor in chief), and I thought he had very encouraging … Read More