Resolution: Plan for and embrace change

November 22, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, Future of Retail, Resolutions

By Brittany Benson, lean project and research specialist, for the Resolutions blog series

It’s hard to find industry articles that don’t talk about how retail is changing or needs to change. I read Seth Mendelson’s recent Editor’s note about his journey (he’s Drug Store News’ new associate publisher/editor in chief), and I thought he had very encouraging thoughts on the future state of drug stores.

Drug stores and other retailers that operate pharmacies are among the best-positioned merchants to fight off the Amazon challenge. Consumers want to directly interact with their pharmacist. They want and need answers to hard questions, and only an educated and readily available healthcare expert can do that. Shoppers also want the products most important to them — including their prescriptions, wellness and beauty items — to be available in a convenient, safe, and reasonably priced location. We have a lot to build on.”

Seth Mendelson, Drug Store News

Does this sound like you: “Of course I can change, but first I need to finish what I’m doing, and then I’ll tackle how to change next?” Being able to change and being willing to change are very different things.Pharmacist

Running a business is full of challenges and opportunities. As a pharmacist, each day requires a lot of decision-making and team management skills. If you happen to be a business owner and pharmacist, you may be even more occupied with both types of tasks.

I’d like to challenge you to take a look at your current mindset. This YouTube video, based on the book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., Who Moved My Cheese?, will aid you. I know it’s a bit cheesy — no pun intended — but I really think taking 15 minutes for this exercise is worth it for the future of your business and your own happiness. Watch the video, then decide. Are you more like Hem, Haw, or Sniff & Scurry?

I realize that there are many complexities to navigate within pharmacy today, but your attitude toward it will make all the difference. When you have the opportunity each day to choose to be happy and look forward to what is to come, whatever that may mean, why wouldn’t you? Are you opposing change or engaging it?