Beauty benefits: Focus on ingredients

March 11, 2024By Inside Beauty Articles, Views

by Megan Moyer, corporate marketing manager, as appeared in Inside Beauty for Drug Store News

Every year, HRG conducts a review of the new health, beauty, and wellness products released to identify trends and shifts in the market. There were 632 beauty and 302 wellness items that were launched in 2023 and the first three months of 2024. By HRG’s definition, beauty categories are:

  • Deodorants
  • Hair care
  • Shaving & grooming
  • Skin care
  • Sun care

Wellness categories include:

  • Eye & ear care
  • Foot care
  • Oral care
  • Vitamins & dietary supplements

Trendalytics recently released the Ingredients Report highlighting the top 10 ingredients that, based on their data analysis, are either emerging or “safe bet” trends in 2024. Comparing Trendalytics’ list to new beauty and wellness products launched in 2023 and so far in 2024 that HRG has reviewed, there are 31 products which include those notable ingredients.

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colleen volheim
Colleen Volheim

Hyaluronic Acid continues to be an ingredient widely used in beauty and wellness categories. According to the Cleveland Clinic, scientists have found hyaluronic acid throughout the body, especially in eyes, joints, and skin. Based on HRG ImageBase™ data, the ingredient was found in 155 beauty and wellness products spanning 13 categories.

  • Diabetes Management
  • Eye & Ear Care
  • Family Planning
  • Feminine Care
  • First Aid
  • Foot Care
  • Hair Care
  • Shaving & Grooming
  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Trial & Travel Sizes
  • Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
  • Weight Management & Nutritional Foods

Nature’s Bounty Hyaluronic Acid + C capsules 120 counts, is scheduled for release in March 2024 and have received an HRG Star.

Rosemary was found in two new Prell products – a shampoo and a conditioner. As Trendalytics notes, the benefits of rosemary include hair growth and improved scalp health. Addressing scalp health is a trend HRG has seen in their data as well.

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kyle lentz
Kyle Lentz

Collagen was found in six vitamin & supplement products, and one of them was awarded an HRG Star, Nature’s Truth Beauty Collagen gummy, 60 count.

Vitamins were also where magnesium, mushroom, and turmeric were spotted in new items. Seven of those products received HRG Stars.

  • Nature’s Bounty Advanced Magnesium Glycinate capsules 90 count
  • Nature’s Bounty Magnesium 270mg gummy 90 count
  • Nature’s Truth Magnesium Citrate softgels 120 count
  • Nature’s Truth Magnesium Glycinate capsules 120 count
  • Nature’s Truth Magnesium Glycinate/Ashwagandha capsules 60 count
  • Nature’s Truth Magnesium gummy 60 count
  • Nature’s Truth Melatonin/Magnesium gummy 60 count
  • Nature’s Truth Potassium/Magnesium Citrate capsules 90 count

Magnesium rated high in the Trendalytics report both in search volume and TikTok engagement. HRG’s category analyst who oversees the vitamins & dietary supplements category, Kyle Lentz, stated, “Magnesium is essential for the body to function correctly. Studies have shown its positive effects on bone health, migraine headaches, anxiety, blood pressure, and digestive health to name a few. Because it has so many uses, and its popularity continues to grow, manufacturers have capitalized on the trend, adding magnesium to several existing products.”

HRG category research and analysis manager, Colleen Volheim, shared, “Turmeric is another ingredient with multiple benefits. Used as a spice and food additive throughout the world, turmeric is now included in numerous dietary supplements for its antioxidant properties. Manufacturers have added it to supplements to support conditions like digestive health, arthritis, allergies, respiratory infections, and even depression.”

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Lentz commented, “Trends change rapidly and vitamins and supplements and beauty categories such as hair and skin care are typically the first to react. In some cases, these manufacturers discover the benefits a particular ingredient can offer and become the driving force behind the newfound popularity of an ingredient.”

Based on the products launched in 2023 and so far in 2024 which contain some of these trending ingredients, it’s evident that manufacturers are paying close attention to emerging consumer preferences. After a period of limited new item introductions during and immediately following the pandemic, HRG is seeing an uptick in thoughtfully and intentionally developed products.