Warmer weather is nearly here. Now is the time to update your first aid department with these tips.

by Tara Kaifesh, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

  • Three subcategories, wound treatments & skin relief, wound & surgical dressings, and itch treatments make up almost 60% of all first aid items experiencing an upward trend.1 According to a 10-year hospital volume forecast by Sg2, outpatient surgical volume is expected to see the sharpest increase, driven in large part by surgical site-of-care shifts.2 Based on this forecast, the wound treatments & skin relief and wound & surgical dressings subcategories are projected to continue to be high-growth segments in 2022 and beyond. Look to your TEMPS® planogram toFirst aid kit ensure you have the most productive assortment for these subcategories and review your sales reports to determine if there are other specialty products you should be carrying higher quantities of.
  • Lice treatment and prevention sales are picking back up, coinciding with most schools returning to in-person classes. They still are experiencing a slight decline, however, nothing compared to the decrease seen the prior year.1 Prepare for the increased demand by stocking up on the top-sellers in lice treatment and prevention and be ready to consult on the different options available.
  • Ointments made up 27% of first aid new item launches in the first three quarters of 2021 (excluding wound & surgical dressings), while sprays made up 19%.1 The increase in spray form meets the trending consumer demand for fast, convenient, and easy-to-apply treatment solutions. Use “New Item!” signs to bring attention to all of these new entries to the market and increase your bottom line with these profitable products.
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