Don’t overlook this important top 10 category in independent pharmacy

by Tara Kaifesh, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

First Aid is a top 10 category in the independent pharmacy channel. Use these tips to help meet the needs of your customers.

  • Private label sales are a key component to the success of your First Aid category. With higher-than-average margins and the same active ingredients as the branded comparable items, focusing on private label alternatives will increase the overall profitability of your First Aid department. For 2019, the number of private label products increased almost 20% for the TEMPS® Category Manager smallest set and almost 50% for the largest sets. Follow your planogram to make sure you incorporate these significant — and profitable — changes to your department.
  • The need for a well-stocked Wound Care department continues to increase with the aging population — a key demographic for independents. Independent drugstores, with their close ties to local surgery centers, have a great opportunity to capitalize on this growth. HRG has added a larger-size Wound Care planogram to TEMPS in 2019. This four-foot planogram includes products deemed necessary for a well-rounded wound care offering. These items can also be a natural add-on purchase for certain prescription patients. Check patient needs and your store sales of wound care items to determine if it makes sense to increase to a four-foot department to meet demand.
  • Package changes from major brands like Johnson & Johnson’s BAND-AID® and 3M’s Nexcare™ lines will give your First Aid category a much needed face lift. These graphic changes will gradually enter the market over the next couple months as current inventory diminishes. As the flow of new packaging begins, place these items behind the existing until the older stock is depleted. Once the older stock is no longer on the shelves, you will see a much cleaner, cohesive-looking department that your customers will find easier to shop.