Getting your items reviewed for planogram placement in independent pharmacy

You probably know the ropes when it comes to getting your health, beauty, or wellness item into chain retail, but do you know what it takes to get it placed within independent pharmacy planograms?

There are over 20,000 independent pharmacists in the U.S. and although they make autonomous buying decisions, most rely on the planograms they receive from us through their wholesaler to inform their choices. For over 40 years, HRG has worked with major and regional wholesalers providing category management tools, offering recommended product assortments. That’s why it’s imperative that you submit your new-to-market product to our team of experts to review.

Our analysts take an informed, completely objective approach to reviewing an average of 2,500 new items each year. While we do offer plenty of services for health, beauty, and wellness manufacturers, there isn’t any “pay-to-play” when it comes to the analysts’ review process. Their decisions are completely unbiased. The team reviews products according to the factors below to determine which new items should be included in our independent drug store planograms:

  1. Product Orientation: How well suited is the product for success in drug stores with the primary emphasis on independent pharmacy?
  2. Earning Potential: What is the average gross margin and profit for the product? How does it compare to other products in the subcategory?
  3. Product Innovation: What is unique or exciting about the product that makes it different from others?
  4. Promotional Support: Does the manufacturer have a marketing strategy and advertising budget to drive consumers to the independent pharmacy shelf? Does it have the brand awareness to gain acceptance?
  5. Category Growth: Is the product’s category and/or subcategory showing positive growth trends that will lead to increased sales?

After analyzing a product against these five criteria, analysts may award a coveted HRG Star to the product.

  • Three-star items are recommended for inclusion in every department size and suggested for immediate cut-in.
  • Two-star items are recommended for inclusion in all large and medium department sizes.
  • One-star items are recommended for inclusion in only the largest departments.

In order for an item to receive a HRG Star Rating, products must be well-rounded and achieve high scores in all areas of analysis. Accordingly, not all products will receive a Star Rating.

Our review information is communicated to our wholesaler and retailer partners on a monthly basis.

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