by Megan Moyer for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

A great way to show appreciation for your customers as well as attract new ones to your store is to hold an open house. It can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

If you’re having an open house as a customer appreciation gesture, be sure to have food and beverages, and a giveaway or two. Suppliers may be willing to help you with free or deeply-discounted products to use for giveaways, or perhaps you can work out a mutually-beneficial arrangement with a local specialty company to make giveaways for a reasonable investment.

An open house is an excellent way to bring new customers into your store and introduce them to the products you carry and services you offer. Be sure your giveaway includes your address, phone number, and store hours. Give store tours and have enough staff on hand so that any questions are answered before a guest leaves. Offer a coupon that is valid for the following week to offer these new prospective customers an incentive to come back soon.offer a coupon

Talk to surrounding local businesses and turn your open house into a “get to know your local businesses” event with a block or two of community businesses opening their doors to new and familiar faces to boost awareness. The corner market may be willing to supply the refreshments if the other businesses provide other incentives to attract a crowd, such as drawings, giveaways, and other items.

Open houses offer you and your staff an opportunity to shine. Demonstrate your friendly, caring, and compassionate service to everyone that attends. Highlight unique products and special services that differentiate you from your competition. You’ll strengthen established relationships while providing a first impression to new prospective customers that will resonate.


Megan is a key contributor to HRG’s public relations efforts and corporate communications as well as client marketing and research needs. Her diverse areas of concentration includes collateral, direct marketing, and web content.

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