New package? New planogram

August 20, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Julie Bonnell

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…And a planogram is worth far more in sharing a vision of increased opportunity in a category.

When should you consider a planogram? New product introductions are obvious but also consider using planograms when making packaging changes. Seeing how your new packaging concept will display at shelf is a powerful tool. Consider overall how your image compares and contrasts to the category drivers. Is your unique value proposition clear? Can the customer read/see your package from across the aisle? Does your packaging stand out from the rest of the packages on shelf? Do you blend in? Remember, sometimes that is not a bad trait – consider how effectively store brands have used that strategy. A good planogram partner can provide you with multiple versions of planograms showing you how your product looks in a variety of placements.

The success of a “proof of packaging change” planogram hinges directly on good data and objective business analytics. If the planogram does not reflect a plausible reality of where your product resides in relation to other products in the category, the packaging decisions can be flawed.planogram

Consider the following examples. If you have a package that is significantly taller than competing products, you may not fit on that shelf and be passed over. In most cases, a retailer will not change a fixture shelf height to accommodate your brand. If your new package is significantly narrower, you might be able to fit a second facing in or a line extension, thereby increasing brand presence.  This could mean increased sales not only for you but also for the retailer! Additionally, without good business analytics your product could be planogrammed in the wrong spot and you may be evaluating the wrong competitor.

A good planogram partner is there to ensure you have believable, real-world scenarios to evaluate as you move your brand forward in this very competitive environment. Choose well.

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