By George Zagel for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

Let’s explore some reasons why you should consider using a professional window cleaning service for your pharmacy.

A Window Into Your World:
Glass may be the first and last thing your customers will see on their visit to your business. Your shelves are neatly stocked and your service is top notch, but if a potential customer looks into your store through dirty windows, the impression could dissuade them from walking through the door. The same impression can be experienced when a customer exits your store near sunset. The appearance of dust, dirt, and cobwebs are highlighted by the sun’s rays. Clean windows are as important as well-dressed employees and well-maintained aisles.

The Hourglass:
Washing windows properly can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Your time is valuable and so is your employees’. Washing a bank of windows can take an hour or more. In today’s business world, we are seeing a smaller work staff performing more roles. Adding this maintenance task to an untrained staff member can yield results that are less than acceptable. Professional window care services are not only efficient, but they also produce guaranteed results.

window cleaning professionalIt’s A “Pane”:
Depending on architecture, windows may span the entire storefront, reside high on the façade, or even on a second story of your building. Washing these requires bending, reaching, climbing on a ladder, and sometimes even moving internal fixtures and displays. Do you have staff that can do this? Do you even have a ladder at your facility? Do you have insurance to cover injury from a fall? Window cleaning professionals are bonded and insured and have the experience, equipment and staff to perform the needed maintenance.

You may not think of it, but a lot goes into cleaning windows properly. The cost and storage of these infrequently used items can be an issue for a small business. Here is a short list of needed supplies:
- buckets
- soap and water
- sponge and squeegee
- towels
- ladders and step stools

Alternatively, relying on a professional service that uses high quality tools and equipment will achieve beautiful results. And when their truck leaves, all that is left in your store are crystal clear windows.

I Don’t Do Windows:
Most businesses, even mid-size to small ones, don’t think twice about hiring a cleaning service. But, most cleaning companies do not have the abilities to tackle the task of washing windows. The semi-annual hiring of a specialty glass cleaning service will keep both sides of your windows looking great all year long.

A professionally cleaned set of windows will definitely cause your customers to see your store in a totally new way!

George Zagel


As a member of the Visual Assets department, George is responsible for capturing, editing and finishing product images. He also does planogram layouts. 

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