By Colleen Volheim for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

How do you let customers know about new items in your store?

For every retailer, the answer may be different, but the opportunity is the same. New items – whether they are new to market launches or simply new to your assortment – are the most exciting, engaging items you can share with shoppers. It only takes a bit of creative effort to raise awareness among shoppers and move those new items off shelves!

promote new itemsYour prescription customers present an incredible opportunity to promote new items and encourage sales, because those shoppers are already in your store to get their script. A new item endcap with plenty of clear signage is a great place to announce your new items. Make sure your signs call out something unique or exciting about the product. It might be a feature or benefit, but could also be as simple as “New Item!” Eye-catching signs will draw shoppers to the display and influence them to make a purchase in addition to their prescription.

In addition to promoting new items to your Rx customers, you can also use new items to attract new shoppers. Window signs, your website, advertising mediums, and social media are great places to spread the word about the items you’ve just added to your stock. Small efforts can have an impact, too: if your store location has a lot of foot-traffic passing by, an easel or chalkboard sign out front can stop walkers in their tracks and encourage them to come inside.

Bag stuffers are another great way to encourage your new and returning customers to keep coming back for more. Include a coupon for your new item(s) on your bag stuffer (and make sure your staff draws attention to the coupon when placing the piece in shoppers’ bags). This coupon can be used on the shoppers’ next visit, or perhaps during a set date range, to entice them to return.

New items tell shoppers that your store is fresh and lively, and assures them that the latest-and-greatest products can always be found on your shelves. Your job is to make sure they know the items are there!

rotate your endcaps 99 waysColleen leads the Category Research & Analysis department in gathering category information, reviewing new items and analyzing data to develop the industry's best planograms to maximize category results. Colleen actively supports the Account Development team by working directly with clients to understand needs, define solutions, and deliver results. 

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