By Colleen Volheim for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

Endcaps present an exciting opportunity for pharmacies to build impulse and add-on sales. But you have to approach your endcaps strategically, and there are some dos and don’ts that can contribute to your success:

DO choose a theme

endcaps present an exciting opportunityYour theme could focus on a health-related topic, such as heart health, or support a monthly event, such as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Promoting new items on your endcaps also makes for a great theme.

DO use signage

Draw shoppers’ attention to your theme and the items that support it, and let them know why the items are “great buys” or otherwise beneficial.

DO use limited facings

Your endcap should serve as a billboard to your shoppers, not as an entirely new department! Select items from multiple categories in your store to merchandise on your endcap, and only use two to three facings minimum to create a billboard effect. This limited assortment will encourage shoppers to visit the main departments to shop for additional items.

DON’T let your endcaps linger

Rotate endcaps often, at least monthly or bi-monthly, to engage shoppers and keep them coming back to see what’s new and fresh at your store. When introducing new items, being first matters, and keeps customers coming back to find new items on your shelves.

DON’T ignore back-of-store endcaps

Endcaps towards the front of your store are ideal places to promote new or themed products; endcaps towards the back of your store are the best place to display discounted items that you need to move. Many shoppers utilize the “back aisles” tactic when shopping, and know that many retailers place discounted items in these locations. Don’t disappoint them!

Given some attention, your endcaps can become exciting opportunities for you to attract and retain loyal shoppers.

rotate your endcaps 99 waysColleen leads the Category Research & Analysis department in gathering category information, reviewing new items and analyzing data to develop the industry's best planograms to maximize category results. Colleen actively supports the Account Development team by working directly with clients to understand needs, define solutions, and deliver results. 

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