By Elizabeth R. for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

Build your business through community involvement

Most people choose which businesses they want to support, and be supported by, based on how that place makes them feel on a personal level. This most definitely includes their pharmacy. Some respondents to our Independent Pharmacy Shopper study indicated their preference to shop at an independent pharmacy because they knew their pharmacist by name, and in several cases, knew all the generations of the family that had owned it. What a warm, trusting feeling. Further strengthen your relationships with current customers and attract new shoppers by reinforcing your caring qualities through community involvement. There are some great ways to show your community exactly who you are.

Show support for your communityCity/Community Events

People will see you serving or just being involved. There are likely a number of events that would attract a demographic that your store may already target or is looking to attract. Any local non-profit organizations doing something special that you could help support? When you attend, wear a t-shirt with your store’s name on it, or hand out something like branded magnets (practical and long-lasting!). It’s worth looking into!


There are usually kids’ recreational sports leagues to sponsor, any time of the year. Call your village/city recreational department to see what they may suggest. This is a great way to show your support for your community while getting your name out there. Consider donating a first aid kit with your logo on it.

Visit Senior Centers

What about regular visits to a senior home in your area? Seniors in these facilities usually love company, and your compassion for your community’s elderly population will certainly generate goodwill. You could administer flu shots, answer questions about chronic disease remedies, or share your knowledge about the latest treatment options. Stick around to play cards or games, have lunch with them, or just hang out – it will make their day better and brighter.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in your community that reinforces your position as a healthcare provider with the bonus of promoting your business. Spend a little time investigating your options to find one that fits.

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