By Tom Boyer for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

Every independent pharmacy has a relationship with a wholesaler. Think of your wholesaler as a vital partner in your success rather than just the company you order goods from. Wholesalers are regularly developing new programs and services to help you compete and thrive.

Think of your wholesaler as a vital partnerDon’t be shy about reaching out to your wholesaler and proactively requesting their assistance. Wholesaler representatives may not think to tell you about all of the opportunities available as a matter of course; it’s best to ask and take advantage of the programs they have put together specifically to help you.

Many wholesalers are moving toward focusing on the full operations of a pharmacy; ask your representative what efforts they may be making along those lines. You already know that your prescription business continues to become more complex and that your front-end is and can be more profitable than the Rx side of your business. If your wholesaler has tools to help you navigate both of these areas to increase your overall profitability, it’s worth a try.

At a minimum, you want to be aware of and understand all that is available to you, including technical platforms and programs that can boost productivity. Once you are informed, then you can make good decisions about what to try and what may be secondary options if you don’t find success with your first choices. The main thing is to seek out the information – don’t wait for it to come to you.

Tom BoyerAs Director of National Accounts, Tom manages the business relationships of Hamacher's wholesale distributor clients. In addition, he works with industry partners such as POS Vendors, data solutions providers, independent pharmacies, and retail chains, as well as directing new product development opportunities geared to pharmaceutical distribution. He is also an owner of the company and guest lecturer at pharmacy schools.

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