by Julie Bonnell  for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

We all get into routines. In fact, routines allow us to be efficient at repetitive tasks we need to accomplish so we can focus on the more demanding aspects of our day. The trouble with routine is that we do it without thinking. So I am going to ask you – is your trip into work each day routine? Do you park in the same spot at roughly the same time, come in the same door and get down to the “real business” of the day?

So, when is the last time you came in the front door of your store when it’s open for business and really looked at it as if you were seeing it for the first time? Try to take a moment to be mindful of what your customer sees and feels.  Stop and ask yourself these questions:enter store through front door

  • When I stand outside, what message am I giving potential customers about what my business is?
  • When I first walk in the door, what do I first see? What does it say about who would likely shop here?
  • Am I greeted by anyone? If so, how?

Then ask these questions:

  • What is the lighting like?
  • How clean are the floors?
  • Is there music on? Does it fit the experience you want people to have?
  • How easy are the aisles to navigate?
  • How do my shelves look?

And probably the most important question:

  • Does this store reflect how I want to be seen as a business person?

I once heard a small business owner (he actually had a string of fast food restaurants) talk about how this was something he did almost every day. And his first reaction was to have to turn around and walk around the block to calm down before talking to his store staff because he saw so much he wanted to change he didn’t want to blast them. The insights and information he gained and was able to share with the people who worked for him were pivotal to his continued growth. It really helped him keep true to his vision and be able to share it with his teams to make his business stronger. It can do the same for you.


Julie BJulie is HRG’s Director of Operations and a member of the senior management team. She directs and guides our Client Services, Fulfillment, Category and Product Research & Analysis, Data Assets and Visual Assets teams. She also participates in business development activities and the product development strategies required to support them

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