Who’s line is it anyway?

February 4, 2015By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

part three in the Total Recall blog post series by Dave Wendland

This third post in my blog series on Total Recall, examines another critical element that potential shoppers should be able to recall in just three seconds – the line of business an operation represents.

As a quick reminder, here is the list of five attributes critical to recall:

Let’s begin by defining line of business. Simply put, it’s a general term that describes the product or services offered by a business. It you’re a gift shop, tell it to your customers. If you focus on home health care, express it. And, if you’re a pharmacy, make sure people recognize it…immediately! if you’re a pharmacy, make sure people recognize it…immediately!

I fear some independent and small chain pharmacies take it for granted that people will know what business they are in. Few, if any, have reached the ubiquity of a Starbucks® who in 2011 dropped its name and the word “coffee” from its logo. Yet I would venture to guess that most consumers know immediately the line of business in which Starbucks operates.

A good question to ask yourself is, “What business am I really in?” Is your business’ focus pharmacy, wellness, recovery, holistic care, chronic disease management, or perhaps gifts and toys? Choose one and then let everyone immediately know what you represent.

Take a step back from your business for a moment and ask yourself or someone unfamiliar with your retail operation if they would know what business you are in based on your store’s name, exterior signage, and general appearance? If not, it’s time to place that identity front and center. Three seconds can make or break a first impression.

In my next blog I’ll discuss how to identify your differentiators and make them stand out among the crowd.

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