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Ensure a smooth and efficient fixture reset with the right training materials

Let’s be honest, some fixture reset processes are rough. Retail staff and merchandising teams are all too familiar with pieces and parts arriving with little instruction and all the time that can be wasted trying to determine how everything fits together and what goes where.

Don’t leave the merchandising team in a lurch — partner with us — experts in the retail supply chain — to develop materials that detail each step of the process with photographs and written instruction that makes sense. Store associates or merchandising crews can have a variety of learning styles, so offering a mix of videos, installation manuals, and one-sheets can be a great choice to aid at-shelf execution.

Many parties are invested in ensuring a positive in-store experience that includes neatly organized products, good signage, and a visually pleasing display. Our training materials clients include fixture manufacturers, brand manufacturers, merchandisers, retailers, and wholesale distributors.

It’s worth a conversation to see if our resources are right for you. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure introductory meeting.

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