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Gain efficiencies to save money and minimize lost sales with fixture or custom cosmetics planograms

Fixture planograms are an important element of any cosmetics department reset. HRG has the skills and proven track record to develop planograms for players across the retail supply chain – fixture manufacturers, merchandising companies, brands, retailers, and more.

We can build anywhere from a one-foot to twenty-foot or larger fixture planogram and can accept them in any format for conversion. We’ll provide details to help those implementing the fixtures down to each shelf, fixture number, clips, graphics, and even the notches where the components are hung. For chains, we’ve created up to 40 different planograms per brand to meet the needs of each location. For brands, we create planograms for each of their retail partners so they can ensure consistency across outlets and channels.

Do you represent a cosmetics brand? Many cosmetics brands and retailers perform their seasonal resets at the same time, creating a potential bottleneck for space planning departments. Smaller brands may not even have access to planogram tools. And yet the retailers need planograms. Sometimes the retailers even come directly to us for their custom cosmetic planograms.

Partnering with us on custom cosmetic planograms means tapping into our nearly 40 years of planogramming experience. We are skilled at building planograms that build off of purchase decision trees while also optimizing available space.

Retailers that we’ve been working with on fixture planograms can rest assured we have the dimensions of the various trays and pieces to determine how many new products will fit. We’ve also worked directly with plastics manufacturers to further streamline the process.

It’s worth a conversation to see if our resources are right for you. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure introductory meeting.

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