We learned a lot in 2013; let’s use it in 2014

January 23, 2014By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

Posted by Jenny KosekThe Pew Internet and American Life Project recently released results of a Social Media Update survey conducted in 2013. Some interesting findings:

  • 73% of online adults use social networking sites
  • 45% of Internet users over age 65 use Facebook
  • Women favor Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; men favor Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the only social networking site for which usage among 50-64 year olds is higher than usage among those 18-29
  • 13% of LinkedIn users visit the site daily, compared to 63% of Facebook’s users who visit daily

What does this mean for HBW manufacturers and retailers? It means that with 2014 just getting off the ground, your social media plan had better be strategic, vibrant, comprehensive, and ready to rock.social media plan

Whether you’re an independent pharmacy serving older residents or a manufacturer offering a product to Millennial moms, your audience is online, and you need to reach them. The Pew study and others like it are offering fascinating glimpses into who is using social media and how, and those insights can be put to use in your marketing planning to use your time, resources, and selling points to their maximum advantage.

Sifting through the figures above, we learn that more men than women are using LinkedIn, but that few LinkedIn users of either sex visit the site on a consistent basis. This can help you determine how best to use your LinkedIn page to reach out to your target audience. You don’t need to update your LinkedIn page daily – they’re not looking, so why take the time? – but you do need to keep it current, fresh, and attractive so that when they do find your brand, they will be interested enough to engage.

The reverse is true on Facebook. With the majority of its users interacting with the platform every day, you need to be posting relevant content, changing images, and updating your page’s information daily. If you haven’t been updating your brand’s Facebook page every day (or, heaven forbid, if you don’t even have a Facebook page yet), you’re missing out on opportunities to build your brand.

As your 2014 marketing strategy launches, review your social media planning in light of the many end-of-2013 surveys available and structure your efforts accordingly. Social media isn’t a “shot in the dark” marketing channel, but one with exceptional analytics available to help brands use it strategically and effectively.

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