Reaching consumers at the counter — waiting area TV advertising

February 12, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston, CHHC

As I mentioned in this previous post, there are numerous ways to reach consumers at shelf, around the store, and at the pharmacy counter.

The average time patients wait to pick up a prescription is 45 minutes. Many pharmacies offer TVs with specialized health information to keep their customers content. These companies offer advertising opportunities for brands.

Here are a couple of the opportunities I know about.

Pharmacy Health Network
This television system provides award-winning health and wellness content provided by recognizable and trusted sources such as Reader’s Digest, Parents Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Diabetic Living Magazine.

They reach 3.0 million health conscious consumers in 1000+ chain and independent retail pharmacy locations nationwide.

Advertising Healthy

This closed circuit system is played in high foot traffic areas like pharmacies, doctors’ offices, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, spas, salons, service centers and many more.

Their reach is regional – they only offer services in the State of Delaware. Regional campaigns can be helpful for those brands who want to do a strong test among a geographically-limited set of stores.

Waiting area TV advertising can be useful if executed as part of a well thought-out, overall strategy. If you need help putting together your retail strategy, contact us to talk it through!