New HRG E-book Details the Importance of High-Quality Product Images for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers

February 14, 2018By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – February 14, 2018 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) has published a new e-book, Be Sure Your Images Make an Impact, to help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers recognize the importance of using high-quality images. In today’s retail environment where consumers may come across a product and/or it’s likeness in any number of online or in-store venues, having superior product images consistently appear wherever the omnichannel shopper may happen upon them will positively influence brand integrity and sales.

While the responsibility for product images is on the CPG manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers need accurate, current, and appealing images, too. Manufacturers want to portray their brand in its best light online and in a variety of media including marketing collateral, mailers, buyer presentations, and more. Distributors and retailers need top-quality images for promotional efforts, e-commerce sites, and signage. Additionally, distributors who incorporate images into their ordering systems can improve productivity and minimize errors leading to time and money savings.

Julie Massey, HRG’s visual assets manager, said, “This e-book helps clarify the type of image a client should consider based on the way it will be implemented. It’s an easy-to-use guide of what to expect when a product is expertly captured and why that’s so important if you’re trying to make an impact in retail today.”

HRG has been photographing products for the numerous uses represented in the e-book for decades. HRG’s Visual Assets (VA) team has 49 years of experience in photography and imaging editing, and follows a refined process to ensure the best outcomes. The VA team recently delivered HRG’s entire image library with six panel views of each product to a national wholesaler client, ensuring that each picture met the requirements for the client’s e-commerce platform used by their customers.

Massey continued, “We take pride in providing our clients images that best represent the brand for whatever uses they have. Because of HRG's 35+ years of experience in the retail industry, we understand and are familiar with the many places images are used and how to capture what is needed with the customer experience in mind. We also enjoy those out-of-the-ordinary projects that allow us to stretch our creativity and build on our areas of expertise.”

The Be Sure Your Images Make an Impact e-book is available for download on HRG’s website. The company also developed an infographic that includes the key points of the book.