Reach out to your surrounding neighbors with a personal letter

October 6, 2015By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

by Jen Johnston

Recently, I moved to a neighborhood with an independent pharmacy that I can walk to. It’s the neighborhood my husband grew up in. This independent pharmacy has been part of the community as far back as he can remember. I LOVE that we can walk to it. I LOVE that they already know my name.

I wonder how many people in our neighborhood still choose to stop at a chain store on their way home from work instead of taking a few extra minutes to walk to the independent. I imagine there are a sizable amount of neighbors that do not visit the independent at all. Heck, I still stop at the chain sometimes. But more often than not, I choose to spend my money in the neighborhood store where they know me and where I know my dollars will stay within the community I love.

I have this idea for my neighborhood pharmacy that I plan to share with them, and I want to share it with other independent pharmacists, too. I encourage you to write an open an open letterletter to those in your neighborhood reminding them of the benefit of spending their money in your store. At the end of the letter you can offer them an incentive for checking you out. Perhaps you could then get them involved with your loyalty program, whether that’s a punch card or something else. Below is the start of a letter I wrote as if I were my neighborhood pharmacy. Feel free to build upon this and highlight your special offerings.

Dear neighbor,

Hello from <Name> and <Name>, owners of XYZ Pharmacy, a locally-owned family business since 19XX.

If you haven’t been in to see us lately, here are a few reasons to stop by:

  • Prices that are surprisingly competitive to chain stores, plus your money spent here stays in our community
  • Superior customer service – we look forward to getting to know you and your family…by name
  • Hand-picked selection of personal care and OTC items to meet your needs
  • Prescription home delivery…for free
  • Compounding services
  • Unique toys for your kids and grandkids
  • You can walk to our pharmacy

We love being a part of your neighborhood. There may be days when visiting a chain store on the way home from work seems more convenient for you, but we hope more often than not, you will choose to spend your hard-earned money at XYZ Pharmacy where knowing and keeping you well is our top priority.

Bring in this letter for 15% off your next prescription or 10% off your total non-prescription purchase. (Offer good through XX/XX/XX. No photocopies, please. One offer per residence.)

In Good Health,

<Name> and <Name>

XYZ Pharmacy

I hope the above letter inspires you to reach out to those in the streets surrounding your store. For a personal touch, you can even hand deliver the letters!

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