POS materials all around the store

May 27, 2016By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

by Jen Johnston

I’ve previously pointed out that there are three categories of POS materials, at-shelf, at-counter, and those found all around the store. Today’s post focuses on those found throughout the retail location. And while a shopper is least likely to interact with the POS materials in this category (product demos excluded!), these items build a firm foundation for subliminally imprinting your brand in the shopper’s subconscious.

POS materials in this category include

  • window clings
  • posters
  • floor mats
  • in-store radio
  • product demos
  • ceiling signage


You can think of the items in this category as setting the stage for the brand experience at the store level. A shopper walking into the store is probably not going to stop and analyze a branded window sign or read a poster, but with a glance, their brain has absorbed just enough brand information so that when they see your other POS materials, your product, or consumer advertising later, the brand feels familiar. And that familiarity is what begins to soften them to trying your brand.

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