Keep up with the trends in hair care

by Cat Renwick, merchandising analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Meet customer needs with your hair care assortment.

  • Therapeutic shampoos, conditioners, hair & scalp treatments are up nearly 32% over the prior year.1 This is a sweet spot for independent pharmacies and provides a counseling opportunity. Well-defined sections in the department that call out products which are therapeutic will help shoppers make their selections quickly, increasing customer satisfaction.Woman shampooing her hair
  • Hair care is the #2 ranking beauty category and it’s very trend-driven with new items fueling category sales as consumers look for the next new product that will improve the look and feel of their hair. Product launch trends in 2021 included dry shampoos, and products that contain argon oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, or keratin. Create a quick fact sheet that informs your customers the benefits of these ingredients and place it near your hair care department. This kind of special touch won’t be found at big box stores and will be appreciated by customers, encouraging repeat visits.   
  • Illnesses that affect the nervous system may cause dandruff, and hair loss can be attributed to increased stress. Both of these conditions have been reported as lasting symptoms after battling Covid.2 Assess the hair care products you are carrying that are supposed to address these two issues and determine if you need to add to your assortment.

1 HRG Tri-PAC™ data, 52 weeks ending 11/30/21
2 Eat This, Not That!, “20 Strangest Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They’ve Had,” Kelly Hernandez, August 12, 2020