Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Hair Care

February 13, 2024By Behind the Shelf Blog, Monthly Retailer Category Tips, Resources focused on Independent Pharmacy

by Cat Renwick, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Focus on therapeutic products, the sweet spot for independent pharmacies in the hair care category.

1. Within community pharmacy, the hair care category is the second most productive beauty category in both units and dollars, after skin care, according to HRG proprietary PAC data.1 Therapeutic shampoos, conditioners, and hair and scalp treatments, which represents just over 59% of category sales and performance in the category, is up 7.2%.2 This confirms that products that are therapeutic in nature are a sweet spot for the independent channel.

In 2023 manufacturers launched 150 new hair care products and of those over 13% were therapeutic. Two products within the subcategory received coveted HRG Stars! If you haven’t already, make local doctors and dermatologists aware of which items you stock or can get in next day that could address their patients’ hair and scalp conditions.HRG hair care icon

2. The condition of your hair and scalp can have indications to your overall health. As an example, dry scalp can be a sign that a person’s diet is lacking in the essential fatty acid found in foods rich in omega-3s.3 Fatty acids are found foods such as fish and walnuts, as well as dietary supplements that include fish oil. According to the Cleveland Clinic, these products also provide heart health benefits.4 Set an endcap that focuses on therapeutic hair and skin care products, rounding out the assortment with a variety of omega-3 products and other supplements that offer benefits to hair, skin, and nails.

3. In addition to communicating to local doctors and dermatologists which therapeutic hair care items you carry or can get in next day, reach out to local beauticians as well. Although they typically have products to sell in their salons, they usually aren’t therapeutic and they will appreciate knowing where to direct their clients for possible solutions.

1. HRG proprietary PAC data — 52 weeks ending 12/31/2023.
2. HRG proprietary PAC data for the time period 52 weeks ended 9/31/2023