96. Form partnerships with local healthcare providers

April 22, 2015By 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

By Megan Moyer for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy series

Growth can be a challenge if you’re an independent pharmacy. If competition is fierce and your promotional budget is limited, it’s time to explore the potential for relationship-building in your community.

Your community has a number of businesses that can lead to more sales for your store, you just have to identify them and explore how you can help each other be successful. In a post I wrote previously, I gave the example of a dermatologist. With the number of dermatological conditions and accompanying treatments, getting to know your local dermatologist can benefit patients and your business. Being careful to avoid violating HIPAA laws, talk with the dermatologist to determine the products her patients will be seeking. Make sure to stock those items so she has a reliable place to refer her patients when they are seeking prescription and OTC treatments.forge relationships with local clinics

Do your community’s demographics lean heavily towards Baby Boomers and seniors? Speak to the manager or director of assisted living and senior living residences in the area to determine if there are HBW products that you can stock for their residents. Be the source for home health care items and train your staff to be aware of where all of the products that could be pertinent to help manage any condition are located in your store. Instruct them to encourage a conversation with you or another pharmacist for recommendations. Most consumers aren’t aware of all the living aids and tools that are available that can make their life easier on a daily basis.

You can also forge relationships with local clinics and stock products that support their weight loss, stop-smoking, or heart-healthy programs. Get in touch with local dietitians and find out what supplements and nutritionals they are recommending so you can add them to your assortment.

There are a lot of opportunities for these types of community relationships – take the time to seek them out and develop mutual strategies for success.

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