By Gail K. for our  99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series


Those two words certainly grab my attention. They’ll do the same for customers coming in or passing by your pharmacy, too.

Free tasting samples might seem the mainstay of grocery or club stores, but independent pharmacies can also benefit from this easy, engaging offer. Of course, most indies aren’t selling frozen pizzas or jalepeño poppers, but many do carry nutritional foods, fiber or protein bars and shakes, and candy or seasonal treats that would make great samples. In the case of nutritional foods, some of these items are at price points that may make shoppers pause before purchasing. Answering their most important question – “Will I like it?” – in-store can convince them to follow through with the purchase.Free tasting samples

Set up a sample station in your pharmacy, and place a sign out front or in the window announcing “Free samples today!”. Simple external signage like this will attract a variety of customers, not just your daily prescription customers. Once shoppers are in the store, make sure plenty of full-size products are arranged around the samples so shoppers can easily purchase them, and post some additional information about the products’ features and benefits, if applicable. Position a staff member near the sampling table to answer questions and encourage shoppers to try and purchase the featured item.

Get creative, and put yourself in your shoppers’ shoes. Are you more apt to purchase something if you can try it?

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